Business relocation

Need setup a company in Slovakia, finding suitable property or professional tax consulting? COMPRA s.r.o. will help to settle your business in Slovakia and to get all necessary allowances. Slovak Republic joined the European Union on 1 May 2004. Free travel and movement of goods means that you can take advantage of the opportunities in Slovakia without the constraints of doing business across the EU boundary.


          Our company will provide you with full relocation services in Slovakia during all preparatory works of your business settling. Thank to our knowledges of market place in Slovakia we can elaborate relevant studies and analysis from various markets in cooperation with our associates and trading partners.


            Our know-how of the local market will help you to get acquainted with Slovak business conditions and with the tax and financial rules. We can introduce you to your future business partners and walk you through administrative procedure. We can assist you with employing high quality employees, finding the right business location and a property suitable to your business and with setting up facilities (building cleaning, building works, furnishing).


           Full-service relocation agency will help you sort out visa, residency permits and other necessary official obligations, attendant to government administration. We provide you with fully customized services, where our phone helpdesk is available around the clock. We also offer you additional services, where we introduce you to the local area, how you can spend your free time, investment possibilities and transport facilities.


            If you're planning to relocate to the Slovakia, our corporate relocation services will take care of every aspect of your move. We will search using our contacts within the commercial property market to locate the site and premises that will meet your specification. We respect different needs of our clients. We are ready for customization of facility management services which we offer.



  1.  Government/administration

Company setup, permit registration with local authorities, visas and work permits, law advisory, organization of construction permits, registration in the Tax office, car registration.


  1. Facilities setup

Find a business location, find suitable property for your business, building supervision, property management, furnishing.


  1. Finance assistance

Bank, basic orientation in offer of bank services, insurance arrangement, tax and audit advisory, accounting, loan administration, mortgage assistance service.


  1. Additional services

Pre-departure preparation, orientation tour in your local area, sport and company events, churches, international clubs, arrange contacts for you and introductory visit, transport information, culture and social events, introduction to Slovak culture, catering service for daily food and company events.



We are here to help you stay out of trouble, so please do not hesitate to contact us with any of your questions.


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