Real estate activities

Our company COMPRA, s.r.o. is focused mostly on mediation of purchase, sale and rent of real estates. Relations to our clients are based on legislation and mutual agreement. We offered comprehensive services in real estate section:


  • full service connected with mediation of purchase, sale, and lease of real
  • obtaining Documents of Title from Land registry, plant maps and expert´s testimony
  • services related with granting of mortgages provided by mortgage brokers
  • full legal service, real estate counselling and additional support


Best reference for us is satisfied client who recommend our services. We have individual approach to each property. We are pro-client orientated, we constantly train our self and bring always new services and information to our customers. We offer above standard service to each client. Business transactions are even more difficult, mortgages are pay out by mortgages, lessors would like to be more protected, also therefor we need to train our self every day. We stay by you from beginning till final handover of the property.


         Our offer you can find on our website, on web real estate portals in Slovakia, we offer properties also direct to selected possible customers and also in selected print media. Each client gain after successful bargain advantages in cooperation with our partners.



In collaboration with mortgage brokers we have prepared financing program for gaining a mortgage for purchase your new property. Your mortgage broker will prepare a mortgage exactly according to your needs - a tailor-made mortgage:


  • help you to find the optimal solution of your financing plan
  • help you to ensure a smooth approval of your mortgage in the selected bank
  • make the mortgage financing process simple and comfortable
  • save you time, energy and financial resources linked to obtaining the mortgage loan
  • will arrange the expert opinion, insurance of the property, pledge of insurance premium to the benefit of financing bank
  • thanks to know-how, strong position and the cooperation with all banks are capable to make the mortgage financing process simple and comfortable
  • save you up to 20% from total costs


Mortgage broker will act on behalf of you during the communication with the bank after submission of the mortgage loan application, including the formal application steps in the bank.