House hunting

House hunting package is one of the most important relocation services and we would like to make your move as smooth as possible. We gained a lot of experience as we used to work in real estate agency in Bratislava.


House hunting package includes information about residential areas, discussing housing requirements, pre-selection of real estate objects, organization and coordination of accompanied visits, support during negotiations for rental contracts, presence at contract signing, moving in services and 3 hours free assistance by moving:


  1.  Information about residential areas 

Typical housing (what to expect), information on landlord and renter’s rights and obligations, typical lease contract.


  1. Discussing housing requirements  

Initial phone conversation or e-mail communication, questionnaire.


  1. Pre-selection of real estate objects 

Provide description and pictures of properties to be shown prior to setting itinerary.


  1. Real estate appointments 

Arrangement and coordination of accompanied real estate appointments, provide report of seen properties next day.


  1.  Arrangement of lease review

Help negotiate rental costs and other service fees.


  1. Hand over protocol

Presence at signing of contract and protocol handover and takeover, check in inventory.


  1. 3-hours free assistance

Utility registration, ADSL, cable TV, identify insurance company, ongoing emergency access to the counselor up to 3 months after completion of home finding service.



We are here to help you stay out of trouble, so please do not hesitate to contact us with any of your questions.


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