Additional services

Assistance services are the most difficult part of relocation because there are so many aspects and so many interests. But of course, we have prepared recommendations for usual services which everyone from us need. On the other hand, our team is ready to meet all your wishes.



  1. Business meeting facilities

Receptions, business meetings, conferences, workshops, conventions, team building, catering, cocktail parties, garden parties.


  1. Employee relocation

Includes welcome package, house hunting, help with orientation in Slovakia and Slovak law system and settling all necessary documents required for long-term stay in Slovak republic.


  1. Special needs

If you have special needs, we will make every effort to secure the services of those agencies with trained personnel who have the expertise to help you, you should talk to our relocation specialist about your desires for these kinds of services.



We are here to help you stay out of trouble, so please do not hesitate to contact us with any of your questions.


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