Indiviual relocation

Each month thousands of employees move to a new community, to start a new job. Many corporations offer to cover some or all the relocation costs for employees who are moving at the company's request. Larger companies usually offer a more elaborate relocation package than smaller.


          Our company COMPRA s.r.o. can provide universal services and package solutions that meet all your special demands and suit you the best. Need assistance with moving, housing, finding suitable property in Slovakia or visa and work permits? Professional support during your stay in Slovakia offer program of relocation services.


  1.  Welcome package

Arrangement of temporary accommodation, welcome and pick-up, meeting in our office, basic orientation tour, sightseeing tour, arrangement of car rental, welcome present.


  1. House hunting

Information about residential areas, discussing housing requirements, pre-selection of real estate objects, real estate appointments, arrange for lease review, hand over protocol, 3-hours free assistance.


  1. Authorities

Police registration, residence permit, work permit, driver´s license, car registration, procurement of visa, bank account opening.


  1. Assistance

Family support, health assistance, household services, social integration, religion, shopping, leisure time activities, culture.



We are here to help you stay out of trouble, so please do not hesitate to contact us with any of your questions.


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