Assistance services are the most difficult part of relocation because there are so many people with so many interests. But of course, we have prepared recommendations for usual services which everyone from us needs. On the other hand, our team is ready to meet all your wishes.


  1. Family support - kindergarten, school, babysitting 


  1. Health assistance - doctors, health checks, hospitals, pharmacies, insurance  


  1. Household services - cleaning, ironing, washing, shopping, plumber´s services, housekeeper.


  1. Social integration - international clubs and society contacts, other expatriate organizations.


  1. Religion - churches, mass information


  1. Shopping - shopping facilities, main information in regard toworkplace or accommodation.


  1. Leisure time activities - restaurants, pubs and clubs, sports


  1. Culture - cinemas, theatres, concerts, museums


  1. Spouse´s activities - language courses, other courses, and volunteer activities


  1. Children care - courses and other activities


  1. Travel service - recommendation of English speaking travel agent who will meet your requirements and find the most suitable solution for your holiday or work trip.


  1. Events - recommendation of quality catering company or organization of all kind of events by our team.



We are here to help you stay out of trouble, so please do not hesitate to contact us with any of your questions.


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